Morning Anxiety

Morning anxiety

The dreaded morning feeling;

Waking in the morning needs a special mention as this can set the tone for the whole day. This can also disappointingly fail the nights before achieving. On occasions you will go to bed nervously and wake up nervous. Or you go to bed after what felt like a good day to only feel like you’re back to square one.

Get up and get moving

To help cope with the morning feeling we need to rise as soon as we wake. If you witness yourself in bed you will see that you just stay there steeped in misery making it even harder to get out. Get a routine together where you wake, shower, have a cup of tea and if time watch some TV. If you have dogs get out and go for a walk. What we are doing is not allowing you to dwell on how you feel. A suffer of anxiety will feel fatigued and who doesn’t wake up still feeling tired. If you spend time analysing your body and you feel rotten you won’t want to move.

If you rise as soon as you wake you will be minimising a window of opportunity for anxiety to set in. This is important for setting up your day. It feels like your body needs to get going before you get out of bed but your body can’t get going until you do. So if you stay in bed until you feel you can get out of bed, you may find its 12pm and you will feel terrible for it.

Because we are habitual it can be difficult to get out of bed if you like to hit the snooze button. But after a few days maybe a week of doing this it will become routine. I once worked in London and I had to be out the house at 6:30am to catch a train. I didn’t realise there was a 6:30am in the morning. After a week or so I was even waking up at the weekend at 6:30am.

Cortisol is released when we feel fear or stress. It has been found that Cortisol levels are highest in our body in the mornings. Because of this it can be easy to stay in bed until we feel better. But….

Don’t just lie and worry

You can see that if you lie in bed you will do little more than worry more. Over analyse a weary tired body will just add to your frustration. Our metabolism doesn’t kick until we kick in so you can’t wait for your body to be fit and ready. It becomes fit and ready as you start moving about.
Regardless of how you feel in the morning be aware that the day is yet to happen. Whatever you are feeling at that moment doesn’t have any say in how you will feel as its progresses.

An issue with the morning is that we simply place our faith the night before, that tomorrow will be that day when we are cured. Anxiety doesn’t simply disappear like that it’s a progression and we need not expect it to one day just go. It will without noticing get better and then one day you will wake up and not even think about it. If you immediately wake up and think it’s still here I’m still not cured you are breaking the first rule which is to accept you are still recovering.

So when you wake up if you still feel anxious know that you are still on your road to recovery and that is ok. It will get better if you continue to do the things I have said. Think of it like growing your hair – it will get to the length you want it to get but you don’t need to be upset if when you wake up you can’t notice the change.

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