How to find me

Leighton Buzzard

I am situated within close walking distance from the town centre of Leighton Buzzard and I work from my home. I have a dedicated room to therapy where we will not be disturbed. The room contains a comfy sofa and a marine fish tank and over looks my garden to promote calmness.

There is space for one visitor’s car to park outside my house. In truth, the space isn’t very large and if you have a big car, for example, a people carrier, then you may struggle to fit this kind of vehicle onto my driveway.

There is general parking on the street or alternatively there is a public car park directly across the street from my home. If you are anxious about trying to park and find me, I am happy to come across to the car park and meet you and walk you back to your car after a session.

I am a 15 minute walk from Leighton Buzzard train station.