Fear of Public Speaking

Fear of Public Speaking

Fear of public speaking can be easily linked back to our ancestral past and having ‘eyes’ upon us. The human psyche is designed to keep us safe. If we go back to the ‘caveman’ era we will see that the only time we had eyes set upon us was when something was likely to want to kill you for food.

As we have evolved we don’t all trigger that sensation any more but for others that built in reaction is still prevalent and the fight or flight response will still kick in and cause anxiety and panic when in front of people.

Although for the caveman having the fight or flight response kicking in was beneficial for their survival, for us today, about to give a meeting to 10 people this isn’t at all ideal.  

Fear of public speaking can hold people back in many ways especially in the work place where you may even not take a promotion because it involves it.

BWRT therapy is an extremely powerful, quick and effective solution to this problem. Often only taking one or two sessions to resolve.

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