Do you suffer with anxiety? If so, I can help

BWRT is one of the greatest developments in mind therapy, providing fast, rapid and permanent change.

Does everyday life feel a struggle? Is your anxiety making you stressed? Do you have continuous battles in your head that seem to never stop? Do you suffer panic attacks? Are you now anxious because you may have another panic attack? Is your anxiety exhausting? Does your fear of social situations seem irrational? Can you not bear to be apart from someone? Can you not put your finger on why you are like you are? Do you get nervous when you have an event coming up; i.e exam nerves, dentists, public speaking? Or are you maybe lacking in confidence? Do you have phobia/fear that is holding you back; fear of death, being sick, Spiders, Flying etc?

BWRT can provide quick effective relief. Click here to Book your free consultation today to see how BWRT or Hypnoanalysis can change your life.

A little about me:

I am a fully qualified advanced BWRT therapist and member of the – More about my background and training here


I am based in Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire. I specialise in providing treatment using both BWRT, Hypnoanalsys and Hypnotherapy to help people to overcome and rid them of anxiety. Anxiety is a treatable condition that can be fully recovered from but one that bewilders people and keeps them living a restricted life style.