Anxiety States

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Clarifications of anxiety states and the effectiveness of Hypnoanalysis.

Most, if not all, emotional illness and all psychological difficulties are attributable in some way to anxiety or its fashionable modern disguise, stress.

For some, it can be extremely confusing as to what is actual ‘up’ with you.

Below is not a complete list, but contains the major 6 groups that people commonly fall into. You may be able to see which one(s) you fall into or it might not be obvious and this is where I would help you 🙂

For example if you were a sufferer diagnosed with GAD – It could be anyone of them! The sufferer of Panic attacks would be 6.

  1. Sensations of being pulled in two or more direction at once, or simply not knowing what course of action to take and therefore doing nothing at all. The fear being of making the wrong decision by somebody else’s or even everybody else’s – standards
  2. Work load – not having enough time to do everything that is required and therefore working hastily and ineffectively. This relates to fear of authority and the fear of being inefficient
  3. Demands to great for the level of skill possessed or perceived to be possessed. Fear of letting someone down or being seen as worthless or stupid. Linked to having no self-confidence.
  4.  Excessively high expectations of self. Here everyone around you is happy with your results but you yourself is convinced everyone is making allowances of some sort. And if you do reach your goal it will be considered a fluke. This type of stress can affect all aspects of the sufferer’s life.
  5. Guilt and the perception that the game may soon be up. Usually the guilt is unwarranted or out of proportion to the ‘crime’ and often gives rise the feelings of doom, paranoia and the like.
  6. Any situation in which the individual feels uncomfortable but unable to make any sort of worthwhile change. The fight or flight response will be triggered but you will have no requirement for either of them.

Anxiety can be split across 3 groups – not in a technical classification, simply a way to clarify. Below you should see which group you fit into and how Hypnoanalysis can work.

Group one

The presence of mild stress or anxiety that is related to circumstances which can easily be rationalised – Speaking in public, moving house, going to dentist, doctors, interacting with the preferred sex, bullying boss or workmates, dealing with authority figures like policemen. Because they can be rationalised people don’t actually realise that these are actually a result of anxiety in the psyche. They believe this is the way it should be and rationalise it by insisting this is ‘normal’ and this is ‘just who I am’
Using hypnoanalysis as a therapy here almost guarantees success. It will have the happy side-effect of reducing this type of stress in the psyche even without actually working directly at it.

Group two

Within the second group, there is often no noticeable trigger or situation that creates the symptoms, because those symptoms are in evidence all the time. You may have poor self-esteem, poor self-confidence, feelings of inferiority or inadequacy, feelings of failure, that you look stupid, in other words you have a negative fundamental belief about ‘self’. It can be rationalised in a similar way to group one, ‘it’s just the way I am’ or ‘We are all different’

The relief using hypnoanalysis is so profound, so deep, that you may even deny that your issue was much of problem in the first place.

Group Three

In this group are the people that are left in no doubt what so ever that they have the symptoms of anxiety or stress. Within this group contains the phobic responses, migraines, panic syndrome, eating disorders, blushing, agoraphobics… and well, thousands more. All of them obvious symptoms that cannot be easily justified or rationalised. Sometimes the symptom can be just a feeling of ‘simple’ anxiety, though at an intolerably high level which can be experienced as a continuous panic attack and is extraordinarily debilitating.
Hypnoanalysis as a tool against group three issues often uncovers an underlying cause of the existence of the symptoms. It once again can provide a profound change to the sufferer and remove them completely.

When we look at all three groups it can be seen that fear is at the root of the issue. For groups one and two fear or; rejection, pain, loss of integrity, looking stupid, being caught ‘out’ etc.

The third group differs only in that the subconscious has taken a step further back in these cases and produced a physical symptom designed to help you avoid the situations that are the cause of fear.