After failing my driving test twice due to over whelming anxiety I decided to visit Tim for help. We did a single session of BWRT and I took my driving test a few days later. I am happy to say I passed easily this time and had zero anxiety whilst taking the test.

I saw Tim after suffering with separation anxiety from my 11 month son, which had left me unable to leave him. Tim showed absolute compassion, he is so professional and he sure knows his stuff. The explanations he gave me kind of clicked in my head, and made me understand why I have been suffering. The technique he used was amazing, and has left me with hardly any anxiety at all. I am planning on seeing Tim another couple of times. Thank you!

I saw Tim to get help with my phobias of balloons and fireworks. These have been lifelong phobias for me and I was willing to try anything to help ease the anxiety i feel towards them as they had begun to stop me wanting to leave the house. Tim was very kind and listened to my anxieties and made me feel very at ease. After just two sessions I can now tolerate balloons and I spent my first firework night and new year unphased by the fireworks going off outside around the house. I will be forever grateful to Tim for helping me achieve this goal.

I have found myself becoming worried and anxious when a family event is coming up, as I have a concern that a particular family member doesn’t like me. I worry that they won’t involve me in conversations or will be unkind when I do try to put an opinion forward. This has gone on for over a decade and has got worse every time there’s an event. I am a bright adult and am fed up of feeling this way. I decided to see Tim to help me cope better with controlling my emotions leading up to a family event and when I am actually at one too.

Since I have seen Tim, I have got together with the family on multiple occasions and the feelings of worry have completely subsided. I handled the event well, felt confident and genuinely enjoyed being there for the first time in years. I can even say that I enjoyed this particular family members company and came away feeling relaxed and happy. I am so pleased that I saw Tim as this has benefited me enormously.


So had my phobia sessions with Tim Grover, first was balloons and I went to a kids party the following week no probs even held one! The next was heights and this was a lot worse that I couldn’t even bear to watch them on telly. Just watched someone jumping out of a helicopter and actually thought wow I could do that!!! How amazing is that! Bring on spiders and flying for my son. Thank you Tim you have changed my life.


“I have suffered with Anxiety and panic attacks for years, and counselling and CBT have been short term fixes for me. After seeing Tim, I finally feel as though I really understand and am able to overcome my anxiety. Speaking to someone who has experienced anxiety first hand and so truly understands what it’s like to suffer, has made the biggest difference. Thank you so much for what you have done for me”


“I had been suffering in silence for years and was coming to a point where it was becoming unmanageable for me to do that anymore, my anxiety, not solely kicked off in its biggest form when I was travelling, driving, taking the train and worst off planes. The thought of going onto tablets filled me with dread but I was running out of options and couldn’t continue, I had become restricted in living my life and I wasn’t the same person anymore, I had lost my independence. I did some research and I found Tim, I had heard of his story and what he had overcome and decided I would give this a try.

My life has been transformed and I really mean that, seeing Tim and the work he has done has changed my life, I couldn’t imagine a life away from the suffering I was dealing with day to day but I am here and knowing that I can manage what I am feeling, understanding what I am feeling is down to this treatment, I am able to get in the car and enjoy it, enjoy something that once would have made me feel like I was dying, and that’s not an exaggeration unfortunately.

The difference was clear to me on leaving my first session, I felt I understood in a much better detail about what my body was actually telling me during an attack and why. That for me has made all of the difference and I feel in control even on bad days which for me are becoming fewer and fewer.

If you are sceptical, I don’t blame you I was to a degree but I do urge you to try this, if you could feel how I do now it’s worth it. I am now living my life and enjoying it, back to the independent person I was and it feels amazing.


Earlier this year these were my thoughts and feelings on a daily basis: Permanently feeling anxious and on edge, worried about the future, worried about making a fool if myself in public (by crying/panicking), worried I won’t be able to drive on my own again, worried I’m not happy in the moment, worried about not getting pregnant and uncertain if I can be happy/satisfied without having children, worried that my anxiety will ruin a potential pregnancy, not enjoying time on my own with my own thoughts, generally felt like I was going mad with all my negative thoughts…

After a long time of hoping it would just go away (it didn’t for over 5 months) several counselling sessions and failed hypnotherapy – I’d lost hope.

Eventually Tim helped me. He is a great person to talk to as he’s experienced bouts of anxiety in his own life. He’s ‘been there’ and learned from It.

He encouraged me to think about Anxiety in a different way. Instead of being afraid of it, to try and challenge it…go with it.

A scary prospect I thought as I’d spent the last few months doing everything I could to avoid it – working less, staying home, sleeping, generally hiding from the world. He encouraged me to accept the way I feel – racing heartbeat and all and that it would get better with patience. In fact patience he taught me was the key to feeling ‘normal’ again. I slowed everything right down. Looking back now I realise that I used to rush everything, I’d want answers immediately, hated queuing, couldn’t cope with traffic jams etc etc. Once I learned to slow down and just accept that anxiety is normal I slowly felt better. Speaking to Tim helped me enormously and for that I’m very grateful.

After many attempts at quitting smoking (10 years hypno/cbt/ nicotine replacement etc) I have finally done it, thanks to Tim! His approach is quite different and it works! Also he is excellent on understanding and treating anxiety related issues.