Due to the way that BWRT is delivered from Therapist to client it can be worked as effectively over Skype as it can in person. This allows accessibility to everyone that is online and who has a webcam.

If your presenting problem is leaving the house or you simply don’t want or have the means to travel then therapy can be achieved using skype. 

The only prerequisite of this is that you in a place that allows you to have full concentration and the ability to talk freely and openly.

BWRT® is taking the world by storm with its amazing results. It is changing people’s lives rapidly with such an immensely powerful style of working that can dissolve problems very quickly.

It is not like anything that has been done before and is not a re-hash of any existing therapy models. BWRT® doesn’t use hypnosis or anything that might be considered to be mystical or unscientific – it is a science-based, totally grounded methodology that deals with uncomfortable emotional or psychological triggers before you are even aware of them. Most other therapies work on the response after it has been generated, requiring you to tell the practitioner what you’re thinking about – but with BWRT® the problem is dealt with ‘at source’, before it even gets to the conscious mind.

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