It’s worth noting that many externals factors within our control can causes us to feel anxious. It’s worth reading the below list to see if you are culprit of any. They may not be the reason for your anxiety but they are also not helping you either.

  1. Caffeine – Please be honest with your intake of this drug. If you are drinking countless cups of coffee everyday please attempt to limit this before you see me. You may find that this is a big source of your problem. Don’t underestimate the effect this has on your body
  2. Alcohol – This can work against us in two ways. We may drink to feel less panicky which at best only suppresses the issue. Or the actual effect of being drunk causes anxiety.
  3. Drugs – Cocaine for example raises the heart beat. A faster heart beat for most people is a big sign of anxiety.
  4. Smoking – Nicotine increases adrenalin production.The knock on effect of more adrenalin is a faster heart beat that in turn is a trigger for anxiety.
  5. Medication for colds – Caffeine has as stimulating effect that again increases adrenalin production in the body
  6. Dieting or missing meals – When we get the jitters we start to feel anxious, these feelings can be brought on when we miss a meal.
  7. Having a good nights sleep
  8. Exercising and Relaxing