Medication and Therapy

If you are currently on any medication for your anxiety disorder, it is still safe to have therapy. If you do have any concerns, please do raise them with your doctor. Before commencing BWRT or Hypnotherapy I will need your doctors approval.

Medication rarely fixes anxiety in the long term but it can be helpful in certain situations. For people that really feel they can’t cope for another minute, or are having sleeping issues they can be beneficial.

Anti-depressants often help bring some calmness in the short term – well after the initial six to eight week period it takes for them to get into your system and up to speed.

More often than not, the dosage has to be raised to keep the calmness at bay and eventually they cease to do their job and you end up starting a different course of treatment. You only have to read Anxiety forums to see this process being repeated over and over again. Please bare in mind that everyone’s mileage will vary when using anti-depressants, so this might not mirror your personal experience.

If you are currently taking anti-depressants and take on therapy also, this can improve the effectiveness of the treatment by half. This is because whilst the tablets are providing a stable environment for you, you are able to examine and fix the reason for the underlying anxiety.

In my own experience, I don’t believe that medication is necessary to overcome anxiety but I will never recommended stopping taking your treatment without consulting your doctor. Anti-depressants require a safe withdrawal program designed by your doctor.