Hypnoanalysis is one of the single most effective form of therapy available. It has the resolution for anxiety, phobias and fears. This form of hypnotherapy can TOTALLY RESOLVE the CAUSE of unconscious anxieties. Leaving the sufferer free of their symptoms for life!

Hypnoanalysis usually takes 6-12 weekly sessions, lasting about an hour each.

We are going to use a much opened yard stick in the following example. It has been studied that it takes the average person around 2 years to get over a death.

The first few days/weeks/months are the hardest. The emotion experienced in the early grieving days is at is strongest. As the grieving process goes on the less and less of emotion is experienced and pain felt in the person. In the early days it can be almost impossible to even mention the person’s name without crying. But fast forward a year, you can mention them with sadness but not completely overcome with emotion.

People do resolve things at their own pace so this will definitely not be a one sized fit all result. The point I am making is that people can get over the worst thing that can happen. Losing a loved one and eventually moving on and reclaim their life. But why is it that anxieties and phobias persist for some people a life time. Why don’t we get over and move on from a fearful situation?

This resolution is a natural process where time itself doesn’t heal you but the release of emotion slowly over time does. For example every time you cry you release a small amount of emotion.

Why can’t we get over a fear or anxiety?

We are unable though to release an emotion of a past trauma that easily as usually we actually add to it rather than release it. The bottled up emotions that are held within us are causing us to live life in the way we are doing so and for many people this isn’t the way they want to live their lives.

This is where Hypnoanalysis comes in, the hypnotherapist is able to use one of 2 techniques to help get to the root of the problem(s) and allow the bottled emotion to be released using either Regression to Cause or Free Association.

Free association

A truly wonderful tool that allows you the client to ‘mop’ up all unresolved and ‘bottled’ up emotions. It is perfect for people that can’t put their finger on their issue or have multiple anxious issues. It is performed by placing you in hypnosis then using a technique called free association. This allows you to bring up all unresolved matters you have stored up in your sub-conscious. Bringing them into your consciousness then allows you to deal with them in conscious. But now from an adult perspective.

Free association takes around 6-12 sessions. It allows you to clear up so many more issues than the ones just presenting themselves. For most therapists this is classed as the cream of all therapies. It often gets rids of the original issues as well many others as well.

Regression to cause

A similar technique to that of Free Association. It is used when the client has just one issue of their life that is affecting them. You may have a fear of flying and have never presented any other issues in your day to day life. Regression to cause can be a quicker form of therapy compared to Free Assocation. as we place you into hypnosis and then regress you back to the original issue connecting to flying. For example someone with a fear of flying might have been trapped in a cupboard as a prank gone wrong as a child. Now when they feel they can’t get off the plane they panic. Regression to cause usually takes around 3-8 sessions

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