What to Expect

My particular way of working begins by getting to know a bit about you and your presenting problem. This happens during the initial consultation which lasts around 20-30 mins.

You won’t necessarily have to go into great depth at this stage. What you can tell me helps me, to help you decide, whether BWRT® or Hypnotherapy is most suitable.

I will try to give you some idea of how many sessions you will need, but this can vary even after therapy has commenced as things arise for you.

Some issues, such a phobias and specific anxieties might be resolved in a single session.

If you choose to work with me then we book your first appointment. During your first appointment I will take quite a detailed history of your issue to understand more about you and the goals you wish to achieve (not applicable if using B.W.R.T). Sometimes this might take up the whole session but I try to work things so that you start making changes from the moment you arrive.