The Education

Whatever the reasons for you experiencing Anxiety, it maybe one thing, it may be a whole host of things but there is one main reason that you are not able to overcome it. Although you may believe you understand Anxiety, ask yourself, if you did surely you wouldn’t be on my web page? Those that truly understand Anxiety are the ones that overcome it. Anxiety is curable using the correct methods. There are many mental health issues that you have to learn to live with, Anxiety is not one of them!

Anxiety is a liar – don’t believe it!

Understanding Anxiety in a way that makes sense to you and resonates with you is the way to removing it. Everyone I see is making valiant attempts to overcome their Anxiety only to find it is either not getting better or in fact, getting worse.

This is because you end up fighting Anxiety which is our natural reaction to being harmed. Anxiety by its nature is illogical. So we have to use illogical solutions to combat it. We use good will but it is misplaced. Simply, ‘If we knew better we would do better’ is a phrase that I can use about all the people I see. It is not that you don’t try to overcome your issues it’s just that your techniques are futile against it.

Work smarter, not harder

Imagine your neighbors house is burning down and you see that there are lots of bucket of what looks like water nearby. Your instinct would be to pick up the buckets and throw them on the fire. Then all of a sudden you hear your neighbour cry out ‘you are throwing petrol on the fire’. At this point you would immediately stop and put down the buckets. This is a great metaphor for how most people try to deal with their anxiety. They simply make it worse but it’s not due to not having the strength or courage it’s just that what they are doing isn’t helping.

Understanding Anxiety to its root is paramount to resolving and being free from it.