Many years ago I learnt about a technique called ‘floating’ created by Claire Weekes. Claire was a pioneer in anxiety therapy and wrote many books on the subject throughout the 60’s and 70’s. She was ahead of her time in regards to mental health at a time when it was still in its infancy. Her techniques are still as valid today as they were 40+ years ago.

Floating is an important aspect of over-coming anxiety and it can work similar magic to accepting. We need learn to float not fight.

Often when we are faced with something we don’t want to do we tense up and resist. A lady I know was unable to go into a busy shop and the harder she tried the more tension that built up and the more resistance was produced to not go in. Here the issue is we are forcing ourselves to do something that our instinct doesn’t want us to do. This is us fighting and herein comes the floating aspect. What would happen if you imagine yourself floating into the shop and not fighting?

When you fight you become tense and when you tense you release more Adrenalin and you make yourself feel worse so we instantly tense even more. Floating gives you a different outlook on the situation. One place we need help from is our beds people often have an issue raising so try imaging floating out of bed and see what happens. This may sound silly but our thoughts which are directed at resistance get directed to floating and then we can follow that trail of thought.

Floating is a means of going round the problem we face not attempting to fight each obstacle that we have placed in front of us. Those with anxiety generally have the will to be in control. This is not always obvious to them as they feel they are completely the opposite and not in control but this underlying control mechanism can get in our way and hinder our development.    Floating is about not controlling what is happening just floating around it and this will feel strange to those that want to be in control. The beauty here is by floating you are allowing control to slip away but you are still on control. You are in control of the aspect that will help you through.

You don’t have to try and strive for relaxation you just have to wait for it. The relief of loosening your tense hold on yourself, of giving up the struggle and recognising that there is no battle to fight except of your own making, may bring calmness. If you have been releasing more and more tension you will further release Adrenalin which will produce further sensations from which you want to escape.

Float past tension and fear

Float past unwelcome suggestions

Float don’t fight

Accept and let more time pass.

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