Anxiety rears its ugly head in different ways for different people. It may be that when you wake in the morning you feel a feeling of fear or anxiety consume you. You become aware that you are sweating and your pulse is increasing. Nothing appears to have set it off, its just there happening for what appears to be no reason. As you make your way through the morning the anxiety just sits on your shoulder being present in everything you do. It may now be appearing as knot in your stomach. You may now be quite good at pushing down the feelings and getting on the best you can even though you know, deep down it is still inside.

Alternatively your anxiety maybe less intrusive, from the outside you perform perfectly normally, get on with life. But you don’t feel happy with life. A lot of the time you feel panicky and nervous and you struggle to relax. Life is passing you by and you don’t feel like any activity is enjoyable as this feeling is constantly there. This disabling anxiety is always present, at night it stops you from dropping off to sleep. If you wake in the middle off the night it kicks in once again, preventing you from falling back asleep. In the middle off the night when everything is still but you, you find yourself panicking.

Or your anxiety may just appear out of nowhere for no obvious reason. Your heart starts racing, your palms start to sweat and you begin to shake. You start to feel a little faint. Although where you are doesn’t frighten you, all you know is that you have to get out of the situation you are in.

When enough is enough.

Anxiety is something that we all experience at varying levels at certain times in our lives. For some it may just appear when they are going to the dentists or giving a speech in public. However for many others, it is a crippling condition that affects going about your daily life. We may find ourselves anxious about events coming up. We could end up living as a prisoner to this condition in the comfort of our own home. One thing about anxiety is that it doesn’t have to be this way. Anxiety doesn’t have to own you. You can overcome and remove the anxiety. You can choose when its applicable and required and when its not.

There are many triggers for anxiety. It may be using public transport, or being interviewed for a job, but it all leads to the same unbearable feelings of panic. We then try to understand what is going on, using our logic and reason, to find that our unconscious mind is not listening. We then feel even more anxiety when this method doesn’t work for us and end up in vicious cycle of trying to stop the worry, then worrying when we cannot stop the worry.

Words that fall on deaf ears.

Often those that are around you try to use logic to help you out or your predicament; saying things like ‘there is nothing to fear’ etc. Your response is usually along the lines of ‘I know there is nothing to fear’. But for you that doesn’t help to subside the overwhelming feelings of fear and terror. The more you try to fight away from the anxiety, the worse it becomes and you realise that you don’t have any control over it. This feeling of being out of control, compounds the feeling of anxiety and then we hit a spiral of emotions, all projecting fear.

How do we combat it?

There are many things we can do when the Anxiety kicks in to make life more bearable but for me it just makes sense to not allow the Anxiety to start in the first place.

Using Hypno-analysis we are able to find the reason for your reactions and remove them. It makes perfect sense, if you remove the trigger then the anxiety can’t start in the first place.

Or we have B.W.R.T available which allows us to change the response to a trigger to one that you would prefer. For instance, if you reaction to public speaking is one of anxiety we could change it to what you would prefer it to be like ‘sat on sofa nice and calm watching TV’. When the trigger is turned on the response is now different.

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