Can I Help You?

In short, yes. Having the benefit and experience of the most respected techniques I am more than qualified to assist.

BWRT is the most powerful rapid change therapies available. If you can find it uncomfortable to think about a thought or an event then BWRT is for you. By firing that emotion, we can then change the brains reaction to a preferred response rather than the one that is currently assigned.

For example the person afraid of public speaking may currently feel nervous. With BWRT you choose a new response of being calm and in control. From that point on when Public speaking you are calm and in control!

Hypnoanalysis is seen as the creme of all therapies. This is because it allows regression back to the original trigger. Once the trigger is found its removed and then you cant be triggered. The beauty of hypnoanalsys is that it has superb side effects. Not only does it get rid of the presenting issue it can also lead the client to much higher levels of confidence and self worth in all aspects of their life.

The initial consultation will provide you the route in which we can take.

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