EFT – Tapping

You may have come across EFT or its full name, Emotional Freedom Technique in your pursuit of ending anxiety.  I find this tool extremely beneficial for short term relief. Like with many approaches that are not seen as conventional treatment,  it is very easy to be skeptical.  Being skeptical is a good approach to have in life.  We shouldn’t take anything as gospel before at least experiencing and creating our own opinion.
A number of years ago, I first experienced EFT as part of a hypnotherapy session.  I must admit at the time I didn’t pay much attention to how powerful this was. I just remember sitting there with a clear mind after using it.  Because I then had a session of hypnotherapy immediately after, I never recalled the EFT part of the session. In hindsight,  the EFT part of the session promoted calm and relaxation.
Having revisited this technique and trained on how it works,  I can see how powerful this technique can be. It has a downside and that is it takes physical movement to make it happen, but this is far outweighed by its power to produce calm and interrupt anxiety.

EFT in my opinion is not something that will cure anxiety on its own but it’s a great tool to have in your toolkit for combating anxiety. It’s a simple technique and when you understand the theory behind it and how it promotes calm, you can see how it can move unsafe thoughts causing anxiety/panic into safe thoughts that are neutral.

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