Life After Therapy

You may be worried about being changed by  ‘Therapy’, but I will give you a few examples of life after therapy so you have an idea of what the future may hold.

1. If anxiety has not really stopped you from living your life, if it has just made everything that little more problematic but you have generally not avoided life situations. The change may appear slight but when you witness life without anxiety you will see how restrictive it was and what a burden it was you were carrying.

2. If you were scared of flying and chose not to fly anywhere, you may find that you become a frequent flyer to make up for not travelling previously.

3. If your anxiety was the only thing keeping you in a relationship or job, you may find that you have the strength to leave that situation. This could be a big life change depending on the situation that you choose to leave.

4. Some people love the fact that they have no anxiety and also see that some side effects helps with jealousy, anger, desires, pride etc. When they start removing themselves from all of that negativity, they may see a spiritual path open up. A spiritual path is extremely fulfilling when you see that you can swap attachment with detachment.