Meditation is not something that the majority of people care about doing. But for me and the way my life has gone I am finding it increasingly beneficial. I don’t believe that meditation is required to overcome anxiety but its a very useful tool for giving your mind some time away from all the thinking. I currently enjoy 2*30 min session of meditation each day.

I am currently 2/3 of my way through an online course run here Vipassana. It cost me £90 for a 3 month online course and so far I am finding this a good course but its obvious that the information is available online for free. But for me and my interest in Buddhism its proving worthwhile. The site provides daily updates to help keep you focused and is a good place to start for the beginner of meditation.

I have learnt a lot so far but the more experiences mediators out there may find that not much new is on offer especially at the price.

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