Will anxiety last forever?

Will anxiety last forever

Will anxiety last forever? It can, without intervention. If you keep doing the same things, then the likely hood is you will get the same results. There are exceptions and I have listed one below.

When anxiety is directly linked to confidence it can subside in due course. I see this a lot with the symptom, blushing. If someone blushes through their teen years, they may get over it without intervention. This is due to their own confidence increasing and being surer of themselves. The blushing subsides and may only happen periodically or not at all. We can grow out of anxiety, depending though, on how it is triggered.

But understanding why anxiety happens in the first place will answer, will anxiety last forever?

Grief v Anxiety

We need to start with a different emotion to understand this. We will use grief in this example. When we experience grief, it can take around 2 years to move on from (YMMV). What we are doing is releasing emotion. If we have 10 gallons of grief inside us. The first 6 months will let out 3 gallons. The next another 4, then 5, then 8, until we are all out. We simply have no more emotion in us to let out. We fully release the emotion behind the event/memory.

Although life has changed after we lose someone, we are at least in a good position to move forward. Ideally now just remembering the lost one fondly without getting too upset.

What makes anxiety different from other emotions is simple, we don’t ever run out of the emotion. The emotion is ‘generated’ not ‘released’ every time we feel we may be in danger. This is why people have spider phobias for life.  As long as the trigger is live in your Subconscious or Hind brain, you will generate a response.

The triggers

Will anxiety last forever? More often than not, yes it will. Look back and try to identify the triggers you have. How long have you had them? Do they always go off? Anxiety will last forever unless you can do something about the triggers that exist. As long as you have a trigger you will feel anxiety. It is the way we have become programmed to exist.

For some people, they are able to remove themselves out of the way of the trigger. Flying is a good example. It is fairly easy for someone to never fly again if they didn’t want to. But if the triggers are unavoidable then you won’t be able to use an avoidance technique.

Anxiety doesn’t have to last forever, if we remove the triggers. There are various ways to do this, but the two I use which I believe are the most powerful are via BWRT or Hypnoanalysis.

BWRT works by changing the emotional response to a trigger. So when you are triggered you can choose to feel calm and relaxed, instead of anxious and panicky. The recursive looping technique that is employed, is powerful enough to rewire the neural pathways in the brain. The trigger is then associated with a different feeling.

Hypnoanalysis is another approach. This works by placing the client in a hypnotic state and using regression to find the original triggers. Once the original triggers are found the sun conscious is able to re-evaluate them and stop being triggered. They can be seen as out of date beliefs that no longer require to be kept.

Learn more about BWRT here

Learn more about Hypnoanalysis here

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