Can anxiety be cured?

Can anxiety be cured?

In Short yes you can be cured of Anxiety! Anxiety happens where two parts of the brain suffer a conflict of interest. These two parts are often referred to as the Consciousness and Sub-conscious.  For someone suffering anxiety about something, often doesn’t want to feel the way they do about it – hence the conflict. The strange realitys is your sub-conscious doesn’t want your anxiety cured because it doesn’t believe its a fault.

For instance, riding a lift. The person consciously wants to take the lift to the 20th floor because its quick and easy compared to all those flight of stairs. But the sub-conscious mind has an incorrect belief relating to the lift and decides it will compromise your life. The sub-conscious only works in black or white, something is either safe or it isn’t safe. If it believes it is not safe it will do whatever it can to stop the person doing the thing they are about to – which in this case is using the lift. The person may suffer a panic attack, sweats, and shakes – all number of symptoms that are designed purely to stop the person using the lift. 

Unfortunately when we bow down to these symptoms and in this case, use the stairs, the brain gives itself a pat on the back thinking it has done the right thing and actually reinforces that incorrect pattern so it’s even harder to use the lift the next time.  Which is why people often don’t grow out of anxiety and unfortunately get worse!

The part of your doing its best to look out for you!

But why didn’t the sub-conscious want you to use the lift? Well this could be due to a childhood repression that has a similar feel to the current situation. Although not usually this obvious it may well have been as a child being trapped in a cupboard whilst a game of hide and seek went wrong. At that moment in childhood the brain created a lesson to follow ‘don’t get trapped in small spaces’.

It believes it’s keeping you safe but the program is out of date and was only related to that one instance in childhood but the brain once it stores an incorrect belief doesn’t then modify it.

The second reason this may happen is that often people are carrying around a lot of stress, possibly without even realising it, maybe exams on the horizon, marriage, about to become a parent, moving house etc. Sometimes the pressure inside ourselves gets too much and it projects itself out into the world. If you were stood in a lift and at that moment it all gets too much you can be left believing that the lift is the reason for you feeling like you do. Even though it’s often the secondary issue at the moment in time it then becomes the main reason.

Can your anxiety be cured, yes! You can either use analysis to drive all the way back to childhood and remove all the incorrect beliefs that you have accumulated. Or using BWRT you can rewire the feelings created when the triggers are activated.

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