Why me?

There are many reasons for suffering with anxiety.   It is important to know it’s doesn’t have to be because you suffered a traumatic childhood, or that you have a flawed personality and it certainly isn’t because you are weak.  Those that have suffered with anxiety for years are anything but weak. They have shown a huge amount of strength to continue functioning but unfortunately have had their efforts placed incorrectly.  You only have to look around at the world we live in today to see why anxiety is happening to one in three people.  From the Internet bombarding us with how successful we should be, to trying to hold down a job in a time of high houses prices can push anyone towards an anxious way of living.
Although more and more people are openly talking about this kind of issue, you may still feel reluctant to come forward for help.  There are still stigmas attached to mental illness, which is a great shame.  When you look at it objectively, it is no different from having a headache.  You didn’t want it, you didn’t ask for and yet you feel stuck with it.   If you are suffering with a migraine and want to take paracetamol, that is seen as being perfectly normal. We need to see that asking for help with anxiety is no different to asking for a paracetamol when in physical pain. You may feel worried about having therapy and having to talk about things that you either don’t want to discuss, or that embarrass you.  The therapy that I provide is not about discussing your life story in any depth and divulging details of your child hood. It is simply being able to understand what is happening and removing the fear.
Your body is just a little sensitive at the moment.  Without realising it, the over sensitivity of your body starts to have an effect on your habits and you then start to engage in fear avoidance. We end up in a cycle of being over sensitive to situations and thoughts, which lead us to become bewildered by our body’s response. For example, wondering, why you are shaking, when you’re simply sat watching the TV!   This moves us onto fear, as we cannot control our body’s natural response.  Once the fear sets in, your sensitive side is then awoken even more, causing a loop to happen that manifests as anxiety.
Regardless of why you have anxiety, it is not something that you need to accept as part of your life.  A part of you may well think ‘I have anxiety and that’s that’.  It doesn’t have to be that way and you don’t have to live under its rule. If you have suffered for a relatively short time, or even a life time it can be dealt with. 
It best not to ask yourself “why me”? Instead, know that you can be someone who used to have anxiety.