Educational Therapy – FAQ’s

Is everything I say in a session confidential?
Everything that is mentioned is strictly confidential. I keep minimal records of each individual.   Generally only your name, age and what session(s) I have taught.
How many sessions do I need?
Four sessions allows me to give you all of the required information.  (You may find you make good progress with less though). This may be enough for you to make the changes you require in your life. Often though, extra sessions are required to help put into practice all you have learnt. I will always choose the shortest route to help you overcome your issue.  For example, I have seen a person overcome a driving fear in two sessions and another take eight.  Sometimes, those with the more deep rooted issues progress quicker as they have a stronger motivation to succeed.
What would the frequency of sessions be?
Each session has a start and end point so you are able to take what you have learnt and apply it immediately. In my experience, it is best to take the first few sessions weekly. Then proceed to have a longer gap to apply all that you have learnt. If required, you can then book in further sessions to further ingrain what you already know or learn further techniques.
You use the term Educational Therapy – what does this mean?
When I was combatting anxiety, one of the main things that helped me through was having a solid understanding of the issue.  Very few people understand what is happening underneath the hood, so to speak.  By having a greater knowledge of that which is happening, goes very far in overcoming anxiety. This education helps considerably, as often we do the wrong thing that seems logical but simply makes anxiety worse.  Fear is often a product of the unknown, when you are in the know, how can you fear something?  For example, If you could hear a noise outside and this naturally made you fearful that someone was outside trying to break in,  the unknown of what is happening will make you anxious. If someone was to check outside for you and see that it was simply just windy, you would lose the fear as you now know the issue. The same applies to anxiety.  Once it is broken down to what it is and how its fundamental to our survival, we instantly remove its fear.
Do we need to talk about the past?
The past is now the past and although in some circumstances we will need to see if a repressed or suppressed memory is causing present issues, I am not interested in looking into your past. If any thinking about your past is required, it can be done in your own time, using techniques I have taught you. The reason we don’t delve into the past is because quite simply, it can be a bottomless pit. The only time we need to worry about searching the past is if it affects you right now.  What people often don’t realise is that if you give attention to the past and unearth old memories, we are simply giving them more energy to become problematic. Many people who have forms of therapy talk of feeling worse after the session is out. This is because of giving energy to that which we didn’t need to disturb.
Do I need to talk a lot about all of my issues?
The sessions are designed to allow you to keep your input down to a minimum, if you so wish.  Anything you want to discuss is fine but for those that don’t wish to be to open about their issues, these sessions are ideal for you. The sessions are designed to be more about education. If you require an hour to just talk about your problems, I am probably not the right person and counselling would be a better option for you. In saying that,  anything that you do wish to discuss is fine and I am receptive to hearing your issues.
Do you understand what it’s like to have a Panic attack and suffer anxiety?
I suffered both crippling anxiety and had my fair share or panic attacks. I have so much empathy for those that are currently suffering, I understand the fear that only someone who has suffered can understand.
Can you treat my depression?
Often anxiety and depression come hand in hand. When anxiety causes upset in your life it can bring on depression. In these circumstances, I can help with your low mood.  Helping you overcome your anxiety will naturally raise your mood and lift your depression. I specialise in helping those with Anxiety so if you issue is specifically depression this isn’t the right type of therapy. BWRT or Hypnotherapy would be better suited.