Hypnoanalysis – Free yourself


One of the treatments I specialise in, and probably my most favourite to undertake is Hypnoanalysis. As a treatment has the ability to resolve even though the most stubborn neurosis’s we can experience.

You may or may not relate to your own issues to anxiety, but the underlying cause of almost all issues will relate back to anxiety in one form or another. You may not realise this as such, but anxiety, or is more fashionable name ‘stress’ boils down to one thing – ‘fear’

Often when I am helping someone they will say they can’t understand why they feel the way they do. Their life is often great except for the feelings of anxiety. But, it is how they feel. That is the truth to that person and one that has to be respected. Different things create different feelings in people. What might cause one person upset, won’t necessarily cause another.  The anxious person will often mention that people around them simply can’t understand how they feel. This is because they don’t feel it like they do. Unfortunately, this is where friends, family, even doctor’s say unhelpful things like ‘Man up’ or ‘Pull yourself together’.

Here are some examples of how we can experience different anxieties.

  • The sensation that you are being pulled in two or more directions. When you feel like this you find it hard to make a decision so may even make no decision. Or you continually change your mind or worry you have made the wrong decision.
    • The fear here is that you will make an incorrect decision.
  • Work load – not having enough time to complete the tasks required. Working hastily and ineffective as a result.
    • The fear here is being seen to be inefficient
  • Demands to great for the skill level or the perceived skill level.
    • The fear here is letting someone down – often linked to self-confidence
  • High expectations of self. This is where everyone around you is happy with your contribution and results, yet you are not. Even when you do something worthwhile you will put it down to luck
    • The fear here can be constant. As you are continuously trying to strive for something out of your reach – even though it isn’t
  • Guilt.  The perception that you will be found out. That you will be seen as someone not as good as you are.
    • The fear here is that the game will be up soon.
  • Any situation when you are unable make any worthwhile change. The fight or flight response will be triggered and you are then not able to undertake that which you were about to do.
    • The fear here is feelings of anxiety within the body.

There are many other but usually people will fit into one or more of those points.


I mentioned that fear was at the root cause of all issues and I will explain why. If we scan through that list we can see there is fear of, rejection, pain, loss of integrity, looking stupid, being caught out, receiving a punishment.

More often than not when someone experiences one of those instances they will feel the production of physical symptoms. The reason for these physical symptoms is twofold. One, to make the body aware that a threat has been detected, secondly to make the body as strong as possible to defend against said threat.

What threat?

All anxiety, fear stems from a conflict of interest in the psyche. You consciously want to do something that your sub conscious mind ‘believes’ you should or cannot. If the subconscious ‘believes’ you are in danger it will do whatever is required to get its own way. This is done at the expense of you doing what you consciously want to do.

The problem we face is that the subconscious mind is not logical so only has two options – Safe or dangerous. It is without judgement or critical thinking and simply works from a set of instinctive responses. It is these responses that are important to us and the reason why Hypnoanalysis is so powerful. Some of these responses are part of the human condition, but many learned through the events of life. Because it has no logical process the subconscious takes on rules that it believes are bad or threats and they are therefore to be avoided.

An example of this;

A child is brought up in an extremely strict environment with authority figures. They are taught to obey their elders. This response is then held in the subconscious and when the child grows into an adult they are now fearful of all authority figures – bosses, policeman etc.

This memories and thoughts are long forgotten by the conscious mind, but that doesn’t mean we get off the hook living by them. They are stored deep in the subconscious and it is this aspect that confuses people. As they simply have no understanding why they are like they are because it’s out of reach of consciousness.

The lessons learned through childhood, where they may or may not have been applicable, are now being used in adult life. This is where we see the conflicts arise. We consciously want to live our life one way, but our subconscious wrongly believes that we should act another way.

The sensitising events

Almost all the learned responses that contribute to our presenting problem were created in our formative years of childhood. This is because our subconscious mind was on alert from day one of danger. But, also at this time of our development our conscious mind was still learning. This means that our subconscious was able to pick up learned behaviour with none or little interference from our conscious mind. Once we reach adult hood, our conscious mind has the ability to rationalise so we rarely pick up new issues later on in life.

These sensitizing events from childhood are now out of reach from our conscious mind to change them so we end, quite simply, being somebody we don’t want to be. These lessons may well have been applicable as a child, but don’t have any positive attributes as an adult. Most of these lessons will do nothing more that. Now it is these learned behaviours that need to be unravelled to have any success and return to full good mental health. This is where hypnoanalysis comes in.

Hypnoanalysis – Direct communication.

The hypnotherapist has the ability of being to communicate with the subconscious mind in a way that nobody else can. This doesn’t mean that we are any better in dealing with mental health. But understanding the root cause and the tools available mean this therapy provides a perfect opportunity for resolution of complex deep rooted issues.

The therapy is completed by placing you under hypnosis – read more about this here. Once under hypnosis the subconscious mind becomes available to the conscious mind. It is at this point where hypnoanalysis begins. The rules that you are currently being governed by come to the forefront and accessible. When they are spoken aloud your adult self-hears them for what they are, out of date beliefs! These rules are then dismissed by the subconscious as threats.

The therapy is fairly quick considering the changes it creates and usually takes between 5 and 12 sessions to complete.

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