Alpha Stim

Along my journey of trying to eradicate anxiety I tried many types of ‘medications’ some sensible and some not so sensible. One that seemed to fall into the sensible caetgory was a device called an ‘Alpha Stim’

After a few weeks of toying with buying one or not i managed to pick up a device pre-used from the Alpha Stim UK more information can be found here Alpha Stim

The device works by sending Alpha waves throughout your brain by attaching a conductor to each ear piece. This device actually worked for me and really calmed me down and lowered my levels of anxiety.  Unlike any other type of medication that I had used up until that point.
Like most things to help combat anxiety, it did wear off and I started to notice that it was no longer helping ( this was after around 18 months of use!). Why did it stop working?  Simply, if you don’t change your thought patterns, you end up just returning to the place you were originally trying to escape from.
For anyone that would like to try this device, please ask. A session on the Alpha Stim can be as long as you require, but a recommendation is 20 minutes. This can be added on to your session. You can sit and watch the marine fish and look onto the garden and have a 20 minute session in peace.
I also have a spare device that I rent out at a cost of £10 a week. I only have the one rental device, so it is limited availability.